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Julius Centre University of Malaya


Department of Social and Preventive Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, University of Malay

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Khamraev D R, Pochodzhanova Sh.Sh.


Resource Evidence-Based Medicine Center Of Avicenna, Tajik State Medical University


Objectives: Lack of prior knowledge and computer literacy, the ability to utilize the Internet can be barriers to successful learning of EBM. The main objectives of the study were to explore students’ knowledge about basic EBM terms and databases and to identify requirements and appraise facilities for integrating evidence based medicine into undergraduate curriculum of Avicenna Tajik State medical University (ATSMU).

Methods: Introduction to EBM short course was implemented in September 2010 for all year 5 medical undergraduates of Medicine department of ATSMU. Students’ prior knowledge and computer literacy were assessed using 13-item anonymous questionnaire on the first day of the course. The questionnaire was filled by 232 students of fifth year. Information was collected between January and June 2011.

Results: Overall, about 50% of the students responded that they hold a computer at home; their computer user skills 51% evaluated as “medium”, 19% as “good” and 6% as “excellent”. Approximately a half of students surveyed reported that they have Internet access (55%) and use of the Internet at home (45%). A majority of students (60%) suppose that conditions of Internet use at ATSMU are optimal. However, students’ knowledge of basic EBM terms before the course was very poor, only 6% of respondents known such terms as randomized controlled trial, systematic review and Levels of evidence. The same results were obtained concerning search information in PubMed and Cochrane Library; only 5% students can use these recourses. The most of respondents believe that they need additional training on English language (69%), computer skills (62%) and search information in Internet (60%).

Conclusion: This study found that the most fifth- year medical students in Tajikistan are not familiar with basic EBM terms and can’t use the most important international Internet recourses but they have strong motivation to get appropriate knowledge and skills.