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Julius Centre University of Malaya


Department of Social and Preventive Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, University of Malay

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University of Malaya



Gill PK, Choo WY


University Malaya


Objectives: Glucose challenge test (GCT) is a screening test for gestational diabetes, routinely practiced in a teaching hospital in Malaysia. The aim was to determine a GCT threshold value in low risk women and to determine an appropriate threshold value that is diagnostic of gestational diabetes.

Methods: A cross sectional retrospective analysis of 947 patient records was performed with the primary outcome being gestational diabetes based on the 2 hour 75g glucose tolerance test. The sensitivities, specificities and predictive values were compared for cutoff values between 7.2 and 7.8mmol/L.

Results: A threshold of 7.5mmol/L has Sn 88%, Sp 23% and PPV 23.7% for women with low risk for GDM. A blood glucose value of 10.8 mmol/L has specificity of 99.7% and PPV of 94.1% while 14.5mmol/L has 100% specificity.

Conclusion: A higher GCT threshold can be used to screen women at low risk of gestational diabetes and reduce the number requiring OGTT by 16% while maintaining a high detection rate. Although GCT was designed to be a screening test, diagnosis of GDM can be made when the blood sugar level exceeds 11mmol/L.