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Julius Centre University of Malaya


Department of Social and Preventive Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, University of Malay

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University of Malaya

Chair: Associate Professor Dr. Claire Choo & Dr. Hazreen Majid

01-01 Association Between Physical Activity And Metabolic Syndrome Among A Malay Population In Malaysia. Anne Chu Hin Yee

01-02 Pedometer-Determined Physical Activity, Screen-Time And Weight Status Of Suburban And Semi-Rural Malaysian Adolescents. Rosalia Saimon

O1-03 High Prevalence of Diabetic Complications Amongst The I Taukei (Indegenous Fijians) Populations In Fiji. Latileta Mataitini

O1-04 Progression Of Kidney Function In Type 2 Diabetic Patients: A 10 Year Old Cohort Study. Chia Yook Chin

O1-05 Effects Of Physical Activity In Weight Maintenance And Weight Reduction Among Women: A Systematic Review. Sareh Dashti

O1-06 Association Of Hypertriglyceridemic Waist With Cardiometabolic Risk Factors Among Multi-Ethnic Work-Cohort In Malaysia. Moy Foong Ming

O1-07 Role Of Uric Acid In Predicting The Decrease Of Renal Function In Normal And Diabetes Subject. Laurentius Aswin Pramono

O1-08 Anthropometric Measurements Of The Geriatricmedical Patients In Peninsular Malaysia. Tan Sze Lin

O1-09 Motion Ability And Fibronectin Level In Relation To Flexibility In Prefrail Older Adults. Chien Kuei-Yu

O1-10 Factual Effectiveness Of Physiotherapy Management For Diabetic Foot. A Review Of Literature. Tarun Amalnerkar

O1-11 Factors Influencing The Transition Of Smoking Stages Among Secondary School Students: The Prevalence Of Different Stages And Its Associated Factors. Premila Devi Jeganathan

O1-12 Predictors Of Handgrip Strength Among Adults Of A Rural Multi-Ethnic Community In A Developing Country. Moy Foong Ming

O1-13 A Study On Finding Influencing Factors On Diabetic Retinopathy Among Diabetic Patients Using Multiple Regression Approach. Senthilvel V.

O1-14 Factors Associated With Poor Glycaemic Control Among Older Diabetic Patients Attending A Primary Care Clinic. Zaiton Ahmad

O1-15 A Comparison Of Smoking Behaviour Characteristics Between Caucasian And Malay Smokers. Noorzuraini Robson

Chair: Associate Professor Dr. Karuthan Chinna & Dr. Maslinor Ismail

O2-01 Behaviour Of Transvestite Prostitutes To HIV/AIDS In Makassar. Esse Puji

O2-02 Audit Of Tuberculosis Cases With Severe Chest X-Ray Findings. Paranthaman V

O2-03 Implementation HIV/AIDS Prevention And Treatment Program In South Sumatera, Indonesia. Najmah

O2-04 Reliability And Validity Of The Malay Version Of Homosexuality Attitude Scale (MVHAS): A Study On A Group Of Medical Students In Malaysia. Ng Chong Guan

O2-05 A 20-Years Retrospective Cohort Study Of HIV/AIDS Situation Among Hill Tribe Vulnerable Population, Thailand. Tawatchai Apidechkul

O2-06 Factors Affecting Adherence Level To HAART (Adherence Predictors) In A Major Hospital In Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Umar Yagoub Mohammed

O2-07 Predictors of Survival in Malaysian HIV Infected Patients on Anti-Retroviral Therapy (T1). Rahayu Lubis

O2-08 Determinants Of Unsuccessful Tuberculosis Treatment Outcomes In HIV Infected Patients In Klang Valley, Malaysia. Ismawati Binti Ismail

O2-09 Impact Of Isoniazid For Tuberculosis Prevention In Malaysia: An Age Structured Model. Nurhuda Ismail

O2-10 What Are Independent Predictors For Recent Onset Latent Tuberculosis In Nurses? Kittisak Sawanyawisuth

O2-11 Prevalence And Factor Associated With HIV/AIDS Related Stigma And Discriminatory Attitudes: A Cross Sectional Nationwide Study Wong Li Ping

O2-12 Molecular Epidemiology Of Risk Factors And Transmission Route Of Hepatitis C Virus (HCV) Among Iraqi Pregnant Women. Al-Kubaisy Waqar

O2-13 IFN Gamma And Il-10 Plasma As An Inflammation Maker On Child Living With Active Adult Tuberculosis. Pudji Lestari Dr Mkes

O2-14 Population Attributable Risk Estimates For Risk Factors Associated With Hepatitis B And C In Pakistan, Implications For Prevention Policy And Planning. Bilal Ahmed

O2-15 Strategic Management Of Chronic Hepatitis B Research Project In The Event Of Major Inundation In Thailand: Chulabhorn Hospital’s Experience. Saoraya Leuangarun

Track 3 CANCERS (I)
Chair: Dr. Si Lay Khaing & Dr. Fauziah Abdullah

O3-01 Managing Anxiety Among Breast Cancer Patients: The Moderating Effect Of Religious Orientation. Baqutayan Shadiya

O3-02 Cervical Cytology In Women With Abnormal Cervix. Veena Rahatgaonkar

O3-03 Quick And Easy Malnutrition Universal Screening Tool To Detect Cancer Related Malnutrition Among Surgical Outpatients In University Medical Centre Utrecht, The Netherlands. Loh Kwong Weng

O3-04 Breast Health Issues Among Rural Females: How Much They Know And What Do They Practice? Maznah Dahlui

O3-05 Habitual Physical Activity Reduces Risk Of Ovarian Cancer: A Case Control Study In Southern China. Andy Lee

O3-06 Impact Of Applied Progressive Deep Muscle Relaxation Training On The Health Related Quality Of Life Among Prostate Cancer Patients- A Quasi Experimental Trial. Mohamad Rodi Bin Isa

O3-07 CASP3, CASP9 Polymorphisms And Their SNP-SNP Interaction May Influence Stomach Cancer Risk. Qin Ni

O3-08 Use Of Thiazolidinediones And Risk Of Bladder Cancer: Disease Or Drugs? Marloes Bazelier

03-09 Rapid Screening For Depression And Anxiety In Cancer Using ECOG Performance Status. Caryn Chan Mei Hsien

03-10 A Genetic Variant In Mir-196a2 Increased Digestive System Cancer Risks: A Meta-Analysis Of 15 Case Control Studies. Kun Chen

03-11 Risk Factor Cervical Cancer At Dr.Wahidin Sudirohusodo Makassat In 2009-2010. Wahiduddin Kamaruddin

03-12 A Comparison Of Psychosocial Factors Related To Participation Levels In Breast Cancer Prevention Programs Among Iranian Women. Maryam Ahmadian

03-13 Antiproliferative Activity Of Brucea Javanica And Apoptosis Death In Human Breast Carcinoma, MCF-7. Fariza Juliana Nordin

03-14 Predictors Of Five Year Survival Among Colorectal Cancer Patients In University Malaya Medical Centre, Malaysia. Bello Arkilla Magaji.

03-15 Delays In Treatment Do Affect The Survival Of Breast Cancer. Noor Mastura Binti Mohd Mujar

Chair: Associate Professor Dr. Sanjay Rampal & Dr. Anselm Su Ting

O4-01 In-Vivo Study Of Lumbrokinase Extracted From Lumbricus Rubellus As Fibrinolytic In Cardioprotective Effect. Yogi Agung Prima Wardhana

O4-02 Risk Perception On Cardiovascular Disease Among Adults In Rural Population In Malaysia: A Pilot Study. Nazar Mohd Zabadi Bin Mohd Azahar

O4-03 A Simple Risk Score For In-Hospital Complications After Percutaneous Coronary Intervention In A Developing Asian Country. Noorhaire Sumarlie Bin Nordin

O4-04 How Adherent Are Asian Patients To Health Recommendations After Acute Coronary Syndrome (ACS)? Lee Wan Lin

O4-05 Impact Of Glomerular Filtration Rate (GFR) On Outcomes Of Isolated CABG Surgey. Baki Billah

O4-06 Validation Of The Framingham General Cardiovascular Risk Prediction Score In A Multi- Ethnic Primary Care Cohort. Chia Yook Chin

04-07 Impact Of Prooperative Factors On Mortality Following CABG With Renal Dysfunction. Mohsina T Sumanta

04-08 Coexisting Factors And Complications Following Isolated CABG In Diabetic Patients. Molla Md Rashidul Huq

04-09 Clinical And Genetic Risk Factors Of CVD Among Malaysian Familial Hypercholetrolemic Patients. Alyaa R Al-Khateeb

04-10 Type D Personality And Distress In Coronary Artery Disease Patients: A Preliminary Study. Satpal Kaur

04-11 Early Postoperative Hemodynamics And Clinical Outcomes Of Patients Receiving Freedom Solo Aortic Valve Replacement In UMMC. Hasrina Binti Hassan

04-12 Carboxyhaemoglobin Levels Of Patients Admitted To Royal Adelaide Hospital. Hemantha Wickramatillake

04-13 Evaluation Of Cardiac And Other Clinical Malformations Of Cleft Palate Patients In Sri Lanka. Lande Bandarage Lahiru Prabodha

04-14 Identifying High Risk Patients Of Long Mortality Following CABG In Australia. Baki Billah

04-15 AusSCORE II in Predicting 30 Day Mortality Of Isolated CABG Patients. Molla Md Rashidul Huq

Chair: Associate Professor Dr. Mas Ayu Said & Dr. Azlan Darus

O5-01 Formetric Measurement Of Posture And Spinal Alignment For South Sulawesi National Athletes. Muhammad Nadjib Bustan

O5-02 Disease Patterns And Lifestyle Factors Associated With Stress Among Police Officers In Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Retneswari Masilamani

O5-03 Physical And Psychosocial Determinants Of Musculoskeletal Disorders Among Hospital Based Nurses In Australia. Victor Hoe

O5-04 The Role Of Sun Light Exposure As Evidence Based And Other Risk Factors Of Epidemiology Of Senile Cataract. Khadega Ahmed Salem

O5-05 Association Between Salivary Biomarkers And Stress In Law Enforcement Officers. Retneswari Masilamani

O5-06 Case Series Of Work-Related Hand Injuries (WRHIS) Assessed Using Modified Hand Injury. Severity Score (MHISS) Ameer Alhusuny

O5-07 Sharp Injuries Among Medical, Dentistry And Nursing Students In A Teaching Hospital, Indonesia. Hartiah Haroen

05-08 Depression, Anxiety And Stress Among Workers In A Public University. Marzuki Isahak

05-09 Organizational Commitment And Resilience Among Healthcare Providers With NeedleStick Injuries. Chin-Mi Chen

05-10 Prevalence And Associated Factors Of Stress Among Police Officers In The Federal Territory Of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Retneswari Masilamani

05-11 Assessment Of Nurses Knowledge On CTG Interpretation In Hospital Putrajaya And Hospital Serdang, Malaysia. Saadat Parhizkar

05-12 Unintended Pregnancies And Contraceptive Practices Among Married Women Working In A Public University In Malaysia. Fatemeh Najafi

05-13 Vulnerable Road Users-Understanding Anatomical Injury Severity In Road Crashes For Injury Prevention. Hizal Hanis Bin Hashim

05-14 Significant Association Of APOE-E4 Allele And Unfavourable Outcome After Traumatic Brain Injury: Meta-Analysis. Anada Raj Poovindran

05-15 Testing The Agreement Of Medical Instruments: Overestimation Of Bias In The Bland- Altman Analysis. Rafdzah Ahmad Zaki

Chair: Associate Professor Dr. Moy Foong Ming & Associate Professor Dr. Victor Hoe

O6-01 Anti-Hypertensive Prescription Pattern In Primary Care For Malaysian Elderly. Lim Ka Keat

O6-02 Psycho-Social Determinants Of Suicidal Ideation: How Epidemiology Informs Prevention Policy. Maniam T.

O6-03 Childhood Asthma And Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease In Later Life. Andy Lee

O6-04 Medical Records Systems, Patient Satisfaction On Treatment And HbA1c Outcomes. Supathiratheavy Rasiah

06-05 The Connection Between Skin And Mind: Factors Of Depression In Patients With Psoriasis. Rozaidah Jaafar

06-06 BPA Exposure During Puberty Interrupts Non-Social Behavior In Young Adult BALB/C Mice. Shantakumari Rajan

06-07 Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus Patient Profiles And Disease Control At Four Public Health Facilities In Malaysia- A Cross Sectional Study From Adult Diabetes Registry 2009. Chew Boon How

06-08 Incidence Of Postoperative Sore Throat: Laryngeal Mask Airway Versus Endotracheal Tube And Other Related Factors. Megat Mohamad Amirul Amzar

06-09 Effect Of Angiotensin-Converting Enzyme Inhibitors And/Or Angiotensin Receptor Blockers On The Prevention Of Death In Patients With Type 2 Diabetes And Undetermined Nephropathy. Sirima Mongkolsomlit

06-10 Growth Development In Children With Congenital Hypothyroidism: The Effect Of Screening And Treatment Variables- A Comprehensive Longitudinal Study. Feizi Avat

06-11 Severity Of Suicidal Ideation Among Psychiatric Outpatients. Aishvarya Sinniah

06-12 A Single Blind Randomized Comparative Study On Bovine Colostrom Supplementation On Physical Endurance Capacity, Body Composition And Biochemical Parameters In Healthy. Active Adolescents

Mahenderan Appukutty

06-13 Correlates Of Depression Among Obstetric Fistula Patients At Fistula Centre Sokota, Northwestern Nigeria. Tukur Ismail

06-14 Deliberate Self Harm Among Inpatient Female Adolescents: Are They Actually Suicidal? Aishvarya Sinniah

06-15 Analysis Of Gene Expression In The Offspring From One Type 2 Diabetic Parent With Impaired Glucose Tolerance. Rajes Qvist

Chair: Dr. Farizah Mohd Hairi & Dr. Rafdzah Ahmad Zaki

O7-01 The Influence Of Mother’s Embrace To The Level Of Infant Pain During An Immunization Injection. Arie Kusumaningrum

O7-02 Definition, Attitudes And Management Practices In Relation To Diarrhoea During Enteral Nutrition: Psychometric Properties. Hazreen B Abdul Majid

O7-03 Knowledge, Attitude And Practice Toward Incidence Diarrhoea After Flooding In Kanake Bau-Bau City, Indonesia. Basri Mahmud

O7-04 Extraordinary Incidence Of Measles In The Village Of Saponda Kec. Soropia, Kab. Konawe, Southeast Sulawesi Province, 2010. Ramadhan Tosepu

O7-05 Patients Knowledge, Attitude And Practice Regarding Pandemic Influenza A(H1N1) And Its Prevention. Saadat Parhizkar

O7-06 Prevalence Of Hepatitis C Virus Genotypes In The Northern Of Iran (Mazandaran) From 2009-2011. Mohammadreza Haghshenas

O7-07 Influencing Factors For Household Water Quality Improvement In Reducing Diarrhoea For Resource Limited Area. Thant Zin

07-08 Associated Factors Of Leptospirosis Among Febrile Cases Admitted To Hospitals In Northeastern Malaysia. Noor Rafizah Aminah Binti Aziz

07-09 A Multi-Centre, Randomised, Double-Blind, Controlled Trial Determining The Effect Of Additional Fructo-Oligosaccharides On Faecal Micro Biota And Short-Chain Fatty Acids Among Critical Enteral Nutrition. Hazreen B Abdul Majid

07-10 Children’s Basic Knowledge And Activities For Dengue Problem Solution: An Islamic Religious School, Southern, Thailand. Charuai Suwanbamrung

07-11 A Randomised Controlled Trial Of Three Layer Tubular Compression System For Venous Leg Ulcers. Carolina Dragica Weller

07-12 Extended Discussion Of Information For Informed Consent For Participation In Clinical Trials. John Hon

07-13 Combining Data In Multi Country Studies: Meta-Analysis Versus Mega-Analysis of Individual Patient Data. Marloes Bazelier

07-14 Linking Two Databases: Some Software Considerations. Rohayu Sarani

Track 8 CANCERS (II)
Chair: Dr. Nirmala Bhoo Pathy & Dr. Mohamad Rodi Isa

O8-01 Abdominal Obesity, Hypercholesterolaemia And Risk Of Colorectal Cancer. Vaidehi Ulaganathan

O8-02 Clinical Depression While Caring For Loved Ones With Breast Cancer. Nik Ruzyanei Nik Jaafar

O8-03 Evidence Based Methodology In Improving Cervical Cancer Screening Program In Malaysia. Shanthi Varatharajan

O8-04 Evaluation Of A Call-Recall System To Increase Pap Smear Screening Practice In Middle Income Countries Through Workplace: A Cluster Randomized Trial. Fauziah Abdullah

08-05 Nutrient Intake And Nutritional Status Of A Newly Diagnosed Cancer Patients From East Coast Malaysia. Kavitha Menon

08-06 G (Alpha) 12 Is Required For Thromboxane A2 To Regulate Tumor Cell Motility. Babar Malik

08-07 The BCDE (Breast Cancer Delay Explanatory) Model. A Grounded Explanatory Model To Why Women Present With Advanced Breast Cancer. Nur Aishah Mohd Taib

08-08 Applying The Transtheoretical Model To Evaluate The Impact Of A Call-Recall System In Enhancing Pap Smear Practice. Fauziah Abdullah

08-09 Guidelines For Reporting Primary Research: What Are They And Why Are They Important In Evidence-Based Medicine? Jennifer Lim

08-10 Validity And Reliability Of The Easy-Care Standard 2010 Questionnaire In Assessing Elderly People Attending A Primary Care Clinic. Karuthan Chinna

08-11 A Review On The Prevalence And Measurement Of Elderly Abuse. Rajini Sooryanarayana

08-12 A Study On Concordance Between Hysteroscopic Impression And Endometrial Histopathological Diagnosis. David Gan Eng Yeow

08-13 Worksite Breastfeeding Support Among Employee In Kuala Langat District, Peninsular Malaysia. Siti Harirotul Hamrok Binti Asis

08-14 Psychometric Properties Of The Easy-Care Standard 2010 Questionnaire In Assessing Elderly People Attending A Primary Care Clinic. Karuthan Chinna

Chair: Associate Professor Dr. Wong Li Ping & Dr. Marzuki Isahak

O9-01 Madrasah Education And Adolescent Sexual & Reproductive Health In Bangladesh. Farid Alam Khan

09-02 Teenage Pregnancies And Obstretric Outcome In Utrecht Medical Centre, Netherlands. Nurul Jannah Binti Ismail

O9-03 Looking At An Insight Of Contraceptive Method Choice Among Postnatal Women In A Tertiary Hospital In Malaysia. Si Lay Khaing

09-04 Perceptions Of Abortion Among Women In Malaysia: A Qualitative Inquiry. Tong Wen Ting

09-05 Oxidative DNA Damage, Total Antioxidant Capacity And Adiposity In Pregnancy: A Longitudinal Study. Loy See Ling

09-06 Role of Physiotherapy in Managing Stress Related Sexual Disorders in Modern Day’s Lifestyle? A Review Of Literature. Tarun Amalnerkar

09-07 Awareness And Utilization Of Primary Care Services For Reproductive And Sexual Health Among Adolescents. Kong Sie Zin

09-08 Predictors Of Sexual Risk Behavior Among Adolescents In Welfare Institutions. Nik Daliana Binti Nik Farid

09-09 Sexual Abuse And Drugs In Malaysian Youth Predict Suicidal Behaviour. Suriati Mohamed Saini

09-10 Sociodemographic Factors And Determinants For Depression Among Sexually Abused Female Adolescents. Suzaily Wahab

09-11 Early Detection Of Trichomoniasis Vaginalis Infection In Reproductive Age Women At Badung-Bali Province. Luh Seri Ani

09-12 Analysis Risk Factor Occurrence Of Sectio Caesar At General Hospital Province South-East Sulawesi On 2011. Ridwan Amiruddin

09-13 Cervical Screening Uptake And Its Predictors Among The Rural Women In Malaysia. Daniel Gan Eng Hwee

Chair: Associate Professor Dr. Ng Chiu Wan & Dr. Bello Arkilla Magaji

O10-01 Evidence Based Evaluation Of Immunization In Nigeria: Multi-Year Trend Analysis. Oyelola A. Adegboye

O10-02 The Peak EBP Program For Physical Therapists: A Mixed Methods Analysis. Julie K Tilson

O10-03 Health Insurance As The Factor That Influences Utilization And Type Of Health Care Facilities. Isam Baloul

O10-04 Use Of Traditional And Complementary Medicine By Older Malaysians. Tengku Aizan Hamid

O10-05 How Well Does Self-Reported Adherence Fare In Relation To Therapeutic Drug Monitoring In HAART? Awang Bulgiba Awang Mahmud

O10-06 The Rate Of Change In Practice-Guiding Medical Knowledge. Brian S Alper

O10-07 Does Collecting Data Using Rapid Reporting Format Helps In Planning For Perinatal Health. Rosnah Sutan

O10-08 Evidence Based Medicine Teaching To Undergraduate Students: The Experience of Tajikistan. Dmitry Khamraev

O10-09 Tutorial Versus A Case Based Approach To Teaching Evidence Based Medicine. Dragan Ilic

O10-10 Research Involvement Among Doctors In Penang, Malaysia. Gomathy Subramaniam

O10-11 Sicily Statement On Classification And Development Of Evidence-Based Practice Learning Assessment Tools. Julie K Tilson

O10-12 Cost Effectiveness Analysis Of Daycare Cataract Surgery In UMMC. Tan Seok Hong

O10-13 Approach To Evidence Based Medicine In Medical Curriculum In Iran: An Action Research. Reza Chaman

O10-14 Awareness And Practice Of Evidence Based Practice Among Teaching Staff Of A University College Of Healthcare Sciences. Than Tun Aung