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Department of Social and Preventive Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, University of Malay

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Conference Day 2, Sunday, 8 July 2012
Time Event
0900-1000 Plenary 2 Setting Up CEEBM And Regional Collaboration
Professor Pichet Sampatanukul, Chulalongkorn University
Chair: Associate Professor Dr. Retneswari Masilamani, University of Malaya
1000-1030 Tea Break
1030-1130 Plenary 3 Translating Evidence To Practice-From A Clinician’s Perspective Professor Dr. Yip Cheng Har and Professor Dr. Tan Peng Chiong, University of Malaya
Chair: Associate Professor Dr. Maznah Dahlui, University of Malaya
1130-1300 Symposium 3 METHODS – Systematic Review
Chair: Associate Professor Dr. Moy Foong Ming, University of Malaya
  Cochrane Review Network, India
Associate Professor Dr. Tin Tin Su, University of Malaya
  Cochrane Review Network, Australia
Mr. Stephen McDonald
  Risk Prediction Modeling
Dr. Baki Billah, Monash University
1400-1500 Symposium 4 Engaging stakeholders in EBM: Policy, Access & Ethical Issues
Chair: Associate Professor Dr. Ng Chiu Wan, University of Malaya
  Cost Effectiveness Of Evidence Based Intervention
Professor Syed Mohamed Aljunid, United Nations University (UNU)
  Publications From Clinical Trials: Process, Conflict Of Interest And Evidence Base
Professor Colin Binns, Curtin University of Technology
1300-1400 Lunch & Poster Presentations
1400-1630 Free Paper Presentation: Track 6 - Track 10
Chair: Associate Professor Dr. Moy Foong Ming & Associate Professor Dr. Victor Hoe

O6-01 Anti-Hypertensive Prescription Pattern In Primary Care For Malaysian Elderly. Lim Ka Keat

O6-02 Psycho-Social Determinants Of Suicidal Ideation: How Epidemiology Informs Prevention Policy. Maniam T.

O6-03 Childhood Asthma And Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease In Later Life. Andy Lee

O6-04 Medical Records Systems, Patient Satisfaction On Treatment And HbA1c Outcomes. Supathiratheavy Rasiah

06-05 The Connection Between Skin And Mind: Factors Of Depression In Patients With Psoriasis. Rozaidah Jaafar

06-06 BPA Exposure During Puberty Interrupts Non-Social Behavior In Young Adult BALB/C Mice. Shantakumari Rajan

06-07 Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus Patient Profiles And Disease Control At Four Public Health Facilities In Malaysia- A Cross Sectional Study From Adult Diabetes Registry 2009. Chew Boon How

06-08 Incidence Of Postoperative Sore Throat: Laryngeal Mask Airway Versus Endotracheal Tube And Other Related Factors. Megat Mohamad Amirul Amzar

06-09 Effect Of Angiotensin-Converting Enzyme Inhibitors And/Or Angiotensin Receptor Blockers On The Prevention Of Death In Patients With Type 2 Diabetes And Undetermined Nephropathy. Sirima Mongkolsomlit

06-10 Growth Development In Children With Congenital Hypothyroidism: The Effect Of Screening And Treatment Variables- A Comprehensive Longitudinal Study. Feizi Avat

06-11 Severity Of Suicidal Ideation Among Psychiatric Outpatients. Aishvarya Sinniah

06-12 A Single Blind Randomized Comparative Study On Bovine Colostrom Supplementation On Physical Endurance Capacity, Body Composition And Biochemical Parameters In Healthy. Active Adolescents

Mahenderan Appukutty

06-13 Correlates Of Depression Among Obstetric Fistula Patients At Fistula Centre Sokota, Northwestern Nigeria. Tukur Ismail

06-14 Deliberate Self Harm Among Inpatient Female Adolescents: Are They Actually Suicidal? Aishvarya Sinniah

06-15 Analysis Of Gene Expression In The Offspring From One Type 2 Diabetic Parent With Impaired Glucose Tolerance. Rajes Qvist

1400-1630 Track 7 INFECTIOUS DISEASES (II)
Chair: Dr. Farizah Mohd Hairi & Dr. Rafdzah Ahmad Zaki

O7-01 The Influence Of Mother’s Embrace To The Level Of Infant Pain During An Immunization Injection. Arie Kusumaningrum

O7-02 Definition, Attitudes And Management Practices In Relation To Diarrhoea During Enteral Nutrition: Psychometric Properties. Hazreen B Abdul Majid

O7-03 Knowledge, Attitude And Practice Toward Incidence Diarrhoea After Flooding In Kanake Bau-Bau City, Indonesia. Basri Mahmud

O7-04 Extraordinary Incidence Of Measles In The Village Of Saponda Kec. Soropia, Kab. Konawe, Southeast Sulawesi Province, 2010. Ramadhan Tosepu

O7-05 Patients Knowledge, Attitude And Practice Regarding Pandemic Influenza A(H1N1) And Its Prevention. Saadat Parhizkar

O7-06 Prevalence Of Hepatitis C Virus Genotypes In The Northern Of Iran (Mazandaran) From 2009-2011. Mohammadreza Haghshenas

O7-07 Influencing Factors For Household Water Quality Improvement In Reducing Diarrhoea For Resource Limited Area. Thant Zin

07-08 Associated Factors Of Leptospirosis Among Febrile Cases Admitted To Hospitals In Northeastern Malaysia. Noor Rafizah Aminah Binti Aziz

07-09 A Multi-Centre, Randomised, Double-Blind, Controlled Trial Determining The Effect Of Additional Fructo-Oligosaccharides On Faecal Micro Biota And Short-Chain Fatty Acids Among Critical Enteral Nutrition. Hazreen B Abdul Majid

07-10 Children’s Basic Knowledge And Activities For Dengue Problem Solution: An Islamic Religious School, Southern, Thailand. Charuai Suwanbamrung

07-11 A Randomised Controlled Trial Of Three Layer Tubular Compression System For Venous Leg Ulcers. Carolina Dragica Weller

07-12 Extended Discussion Of Information For Informed Consent For Participation In Clinical Trials. John Hon

07-13 Combining Data In Multi Country Studies: Meta-Analysis Versus Mega-Analysis of Individual Patient Data. Marloes Bazelier

07-14 Linking Two Databases: Some Software Considerations. Rohayu Sarani

1400-1630 Track 8 CANCERS (II)
Chair: Dr. Nirmala Bhoo Pathy & Dr. Mohamad Rodi Isa

O8-01 Abdominal Obesity, Hypercholesterolaemia And Risk Of Colorectal Cancer. Vaidehi Ulaganathan

O8-02 Clinical Depression While Caring For Loved Ones With Breast Cancer. Nik Ruzyanei Nik Jaafar

O8-03 Evidence Based Methodology In Improving Cervical Cancer Screening Program In Malaysia. Shanthi Varatharajan

O8-04 Evaluation Of A Call-Recall System To Increase Pap Smear Screening Practice In Middle Income Countries Through Workplace: A Cluster Randomized Trial. Fauziah Abdullah

08-05 Nutrient Intake And Nutritional Status Of A Newly Diagnosed Cancer Patients From East Coast Malaysia. Kavitha Menon

08-06 G (Alpha) 12 Is Required For Thromboxane A2 To Regulate Tumor Cell Motility. Babar Malik

08-07 The BCDE (Breast Cancer Delay Explanatory) Model. A Grounded Explanatory Model To Why Women Present With Advanced Breast Cancer. Nur Aishah Mohd Taib

08-08 Applying The Transtheoretical Model To Evaluate The Impact Of A Call-Recall System In Enhancing Pap Smear Practice. Fauziah Abdullah

08-09 Guidelines For Reporting Primary Research: What Are They And Why Are They Important In Evidence-Based Medicine? Jennifer Lim

08-10 Validity And Reliability Of The Easy-Care Standard 2010 Questionnaire In Assessing Elderly People Attending A Primary Care Clinic. Karuthan Chinna

08-11 A Review On The Prevalence And Measurement Of Elderly Abuse. Rajini Sooryanarayana

08-12 A Study On Concordance Between Hysteroscopic Impression And Endometrial Histopathological Diagnosis. David Gan Eng Yeow

08-13 Worksite Breastfeeding Support Among Employee In Kuala Langat District, Peninsular Malaysia. Siti Harirotul Hamrok Binti Asis

08-14 Psychometric Properties Of The Easy-Care Standard 2010 Questionnaire In Assessing Elderly People Attending A Primary Care Clinic. Karuthan Chinna

Chair: Associate Professor Dr. Wong Li Ping & Dr. Marzuki Isahak

O9-01 Madrasah Education And Adolescent Sexual & Reproductive Health In Bangladesh. Farid Alam Khan

09-02 Teenage Pregnancies And Obstretric Outcome In Utrecht Medical Centre, Netherlands. Nurul Jannah Binti Ismail

O9-03 Looking At An Insight Of Contraceptive Method Choice Among Postnatal Women In A Tertiary Hospital In Malaysia. Si Lay Khaing

09-04 Perceptions Of Abortion Among Women In Malaysia: A Qualitative Inquiry. Tong Wen Ting

09-05 Oxidative DNA Damage, Total Antioxidant Capacity And Adiposity In Pregnancy: A Longitudinal Study. Loy See Ling

09-06 Role of Physiotherapy in Managing Stress Related Sexual Disorders in Modern Day’s Lifestyle? A Review Of Literature. Tarun Amalnerkar

09-07 Awareness And Utilization Of Primary Care Services For Reproductive And Sexual Health Among Adolescents. Kong Sie Zin

09-08 Predictors Of Sexual Risk Behavior Among Adolescents In Welfare Institutions. Nik Daliana Binti Nik Farid

09-09 Sexual Abuse And Drugs In Malaysian Youth Predict Suicidal Behaviour. Suriati Mohamed Saini

09-10 Sociodemographic Factors And Determinants For Depression Among Sexually Abused Female Adolescents. Suzaily Wahab

09-11 Early Detection Of Trichomoniasis Vaginalis Infection In Reproductive Age Women At Badung-Bali Province. Luh Seri Ani

09-12 Analysis Risk Factor Occurrence Of Sectio Caesar At General Hospital Province South-East Sulawesi On 2011. Ridwan Amiruddin

09-13 Cervical Screening Uptake And Its Predictors Among The Rural Women In Malaysia. Daniel Gan Eng Hwee

Chair: Associate Professor Dr. Ng Chiu Wan & Dr. Bello Arkilla Magaji

O10-01 Evidence Based Evaluation Of Immunization In Nigeria: Multi-Year Trend Analysis. Oyelola A. Adegboye

O10-02 The Peak EBP Program For Physical Therapists: A Mixed Methods Analysis. Julie K Tilson

O10-03 Health Insurance As The Factor That Influences Utilization And Type Of Health Care Facilities. Isam Baloul

O10-04 Use Of Traditional And Complementary Medicine By Older Malaysians. Tengku Aizan Hamid

O10-05 How Well Does Self-Reported Adherence Fare In Relation To Therapeutic Drug Monitoring In HAART? Awang Bulgiba Awang Mahmud

O10-06 The Rate Of Change In Practice-Guiding Medical Knowledge. Brian S Alper

O10-07 Does Collecting Data Using Rapid Reporting Format Helps In Planning For Perinatal Health. Rosnah Sutan

O10-08 Evidence Based Medicine Teaching To Undergraduate Students: The Experience of Tajikistan. Dmitry Khamraev

O10-09 Tutorial Versus A Case Based Approach To Teaching Evidence Based Medicine. Dragan Ilic

O10-10 Research Involvement Among Doctors In Penang, Malaysia. Gomathy Subramaniam

O10-11 Sicily Statement On Classification And Development Of Evidence-Based Practice Learning Assessment Tools. Julie K Tilson

O10-12 Cost Effectiveness Analysis Of Daycare Cataract Surgery In UMMC. Tan Seok Hong

O10-13 Approach To Evidence Based Medicine In Medical Curriculum In Iran: An Action Research. Reza Chaman

O10-14 Awareness And Practice Of Evidence Based Practice Among Teaching Staff Of A University College Of Healthcare Sciences. Than Tun Aung

1630-1700 Tea Break
1700-1730 Closing and Awards Ceremony