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Julius Centre University of Malaya


Department of Social and Preventive Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, University of Malay

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University of Malaya

Associate Professor Wong Yut-Lin

On behalf of the Scientific Committee, I warmly welcome all of you distinguished researchers, academics, young scientists, and health professionals from across the Asia Pacific gathered here in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to participate in this historic 1APCEEBM conference.

Rising to the challenge of getting the Julius Centre University of Malaya on the international ranks of cutting edge evidence-based research, the organizing and scientific committees have committed to putting together an outstanding programme. Prominent clinical epidemiologists as well as health experts are presenting new ideas, critical perspectives, and original research in CE and EBM at the keynote address, plenary, and symposia. The contributions of distinguished representatives from six countries within the Asia Pacific on the current situation of CE and EBM and challenges faced will be deliberated in the Round Table Forum, the latter being the unique feature of this vibrant conference. Not forgetting the scientific value of the conference is enhanced by the 300 accepted abstracts from 25 countries.

I am optimistic that this 1APCEEBM conference will make tremendous strides towards linking clinical epidemiology to evidence-based medicine.

My warm wishes to all participants for many stimulating exchanges and may the 1APCEEBM inspire all to be the vanguard of evidence- based healthcare and policy in the Asia Pacific.

Salam Mesra and enjoy the warm hospitality of Malaysia, Truly Asia!

Associate Professor Dr Wong Yut-Lin
Scientific Chair, 1 st APCEEBM
Julius Centre University of Malaya